naturopath guide to perfect health

A Naturopath Guide to a Perfect Health

A Naturopath Guide to a Perfect Health

All diseases are truly caused by the growth of toxins in the body. Although nature keeps throwing  toxins out of the body for a perfect health. Body store toxins, when detoxification is less than growth of toxins.
 When toxins increases ,various parts of the body become non-functional and germs grows, but nature takes them out in form of acute diseases like fever, loose – motions, vomiting, cold, cough etc. When this process is suppressed by medicines, then the diseases become chronic. According to naturopathy Perfect health is to be healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

There are some indications which shows a person is perfectly healthy.

  • Sound sleep.
  • The body feels energetic and fresh on waking up in the morning.Your mind feel relaxed and heart is full of heavenly bliss.
  • There is natural appetite.
  • Stool is solid, clean and regular. There is natural appetite.
  • You work actively  the whole day. You have capacity to work for hours without getting tired.
  • You feel young and vigorous. Your face glows.Your eyes are bright and fearless. You always remain involved in some creative activity.
  • You think positively.

Symptoms a person is unhealthy

  • Lack of sound sleep.
  • Stool is loose or hard.
  • Loss of appetite.Desire to eat spicy food.
  • Body odour.Belly protrudes out as compared to the chest.
  • Feeling of discomfort or heaviness after meals.
  • Anger, irritability, lethargic body, negative thoughts.
  • You are unable to concentrate on anything.You get tired fast.
  • Swelling under and around the eyes.
  • Spots on the face.
  • Headache.

Reasons for Growth Of Toxins In Body:-

  •  Lack of balanced diet.
  •  Inbalance of alkali and acid in our food.
  •  Eating unhealthy, spicy, heavy, fiberless
  •  Overeating .
  • Eating late in night.
  • Imbalance of body,s five elements (SPACE,AIR,SUNLIGHT,WATER,MUD)
  • Remaining sitting continuously.
  • Working byond one,s physical and mental capacity and not taking enough rest.
  • Fear, Anger, Anxiety and Stress.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle .
  •  Pollution .

Cure Of All Diseases For Perfect Health

There is one cure for all diseases in naturopathy, and that is detoxification of the body by natural means. There is an unseen force which we call the vital force (POWER OF NATURE) which keeps our body healthy.To keep our body healthy, there is an unseen force which we call the “Pranic” force or vital force. Naturopathy enhances this pranic force, and stop the growth of toxins.
In case of disease like fever, loose motions, vomiting, cold one should go on fasting, and let the body be detoxified through natural means of cleansing. By doing detoxification the disease will not become chronic. Diseases should be treated with various natural means of treatment.

Natural means of treatment for Perfect Health

  • Natural food and related precautions.
  • Five elements (space, air, fire, water, mud ) which constitute human beings and other things in this world.
  • Right way of living.
  • Removing mental disorder.
  • Various yogic exercises.
We must invest our time for the peace of mind, body, and soul for perfect health.

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