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I’m a naturopathy student. I am a very simple person who loves her family very much. I was very lucky to have a supportive father who support me in every step of my life and encourage me whenever I became weak. I like to learn new things and in my free time, I always like to read books.

Nidhi Sehgal

My life is full of supportive thoughts, sometimes negative due to the situation but then I also thought about positive things. I like to motivate people and like to get inspiration from other people. I like nature and simple and peaceful life. In school, I use to play hockey and handball. After school, I joined college. On the day of my college admission, I was selected for my college cricket team and as an NCC cadet. That day was the best day of my life. While attending so many camps for cricket, and baseball, NCC life became so busy. I learn so many things.

As a sports person life was so busy and active always. After college I got married life again was busy with family and kids there was no time for looking back. As I forgot about myself, my hobbies, and my passion. But by god grace, I got a caring and supportive father In law and who always encourage me to carry on with my education. In my early 40, I met with an accident, I got my back injured very badly. I was in bed for a month. Because of my busy schedule and my negligence, I realize I made my health worse. After that, I was unable to do my daily household work.

My gym and all physical activities have almost become past day’s memories. That was the worst period of my life. I never felt so helpless and lonely in my life. Kids were grown up then always busy with their studies. My father-in-law and mother-in-law passed away during that period. I was in depression for a long time. After my medication and counseling sessions, I realize I have to make myself busy again and I have to regain my health. As I like to learn new things I start reading books about health. I joined yoga classes. Then I came to know about naturopathy from my yoga teacher. I join a naturopathy college.

In addition to my learning habit, I decided to learn something about the digital world. During that, I decided to do something to tell people about naturopathy. While searching about naturopathy on the internet I found there is no such simple and trusted information about it. Mostly it’s fake or confusing. I want to tell people about naturopathy and its benefits.

These days it’s really difficult to maintain health and a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is facing new health issues in daily life. people mostly forget about our saint’s teachings and our roots. But with naturopathy, we can make our life better, healthy, and happy by following some simple rules or tips in their life. I think people must learn and follow our old rituals and make some time from their busy lives to live a healthy and happy life.


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