effects of thoughts on health

Effect Of Thoughts On Health

Effect Of Thoughts On Health

Human beings become as they think. Our thinking have a close impact on health. Worries , fear , anger, dissatisfaction, envy, ill feeling, greed, arrogance, etc. Ill thoughts are chief causes of diseases. Your thoughts are generated and influenced by the things that u observe, feel, imagine and to things that you get attracted to. Our conduct is influenced by the type of thinking  we live with. Our personal space is shaped according to our beliefs ideas.

we become what we think:

Your thoughts  are powerful. Never let them sway towards the negative. The way we look at the world . So will the world seems to us. When you think about something, you attract similar thinking towards you.

Your present thoughts are building your future life. Things that you think about and focus on the most begin to appear in your life. Most of times, whatever you think happens;  that is why a person should be careful about thinking. Never underestimate the power of your thoughts. All good thinking  give birth to good actions. Negative thoughts bring negativity with them.



It  causes high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, insomnia, etc.


it causes grey hair at a young age and early axing.


it causes ulcers in stomach and intestines.


it causes indigestion and loose motions.


it causes indigestion and paralysis , etc.

Some people suffer from diseases only because  of wrong way of thinking. Such people may be given treatment but they will not improve unless their way of thinking improve. As bad thinking lead to diseases, good thinking to cure them.

If  the subconscious  mind is confident that the disease is getting cured then it will  definitely. Not only one but many diseases can be cured like this. Thus the patient might be suffering from any disease but he should practise to to feel healthy. Television has a very bad  effect on the subconscious mind , therefore, its programmes and timings should be managed properly.




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