Food and Balanced Diet For Perfect Health

Food and Balanced Diet For Perfect Health

Health shows overall development of our mind and body by adopting Balanced Diet. A healthy person is the one who is well balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When there is complete harmony between the mind, body and soul, no external or internal factors can have any adverse effect on our health.

A disease free body and mind is health. When one is healthy, all the organ of his body function efficiently and one enjoys the bliss of happiness. One should learn the importance of eating less and balanced diet and adopt it for the rest of your life for perfect health. The soul remains calm and there is no trace of any tension.

The aim and dream of sound health is becoming day by day more difficult . Spiritual thoughts ,if applied positively, can no doubt bring amazing changes in health. Sound health is natures most precious gift. Diseases are the result of wrong lifestyle and wrong food habits.

The health of person depends on food and nutrition  and balanced diet has its own impact on our mind and soul as well, in other words , food, health and mind are closely related.

Food And Balanced Diet:

For the nourishment of body and fulfilling the deficiencies of the body therein, intake of Balanced Diet is essential.By improving the diet alone all diseases can also be treated.Who take proper food for a healthy and long life and gives up whatever is harmful to his body is intelligent. The kind of food we take will determine the state of our body and mind.

By consuming Balanced Diet and seasonal fruits and vegetables the body remains free from diseases because nature has grown them keeping in view the requirement of that particular season and place.

Five Elements With Food:

  • Space – by liquid diet
  • Air – leafy vegetables
  • Fire- fruits
  • Water – vegetables 
  • Earth – grains

Food can be divided into three categories:

Satvic Food:

The food which facilitates long life, intelligence, strength, freedom from diseases.Food which is pure and natural is Satvic food.

Rajsik food:

the food which is salty, spicy,very hot, generating heat, promote worries and unhappiness and leads to diseases.

Tamsik food:

the food which is half cooked ,non -juicy,with Artificial flavours,,stale and impure.

What To Eat What Not To Eat:

  1. Eat only when you feel hungry
  2. Eat only as much as u satisfy your hunger
  3. Don’t take the second bite until the first bite is fully chewed.
  4. Do not take too many foods products in one meal.
  5. Food should be simple and if possible all natural as balanced diet.
  6. Eat quietly and peacefully.
  7. Dinner should be taken three hours before sleeping.
  8. There should be a gap of at least 4 hours between two meals.
  9. You should not eat immediately after waking up from sleep.
  10. While eating you should not discuss professional, social, or domestic probelms.
  11. You should not eat in hurry.
  12. One should not eat inflammatory food such as chillies,spices,etc.
  13. Do not take water while eating.Water should be taken before 30 minutes or 40 to 60 minutes later.
  14. Drink enough water during the day.
  15. You should not use maida, white suger, polished products like polished rice and dal.
  16. Reduce the intake of salt, suger,sweets,spices and oil in food.
  17. Keep urself away from tea, coffee, fried foods, smoking, liquor and consuming of tobacco.
  18. One should follow fast or follow liquid diet at least once a week .
  19. Use flour with out straining the bran.
  20. Fruits and vegetables should be washed before eating.
  21. Hands should be washed before and after eating food and also wash mouth and teeth should be washed.
  22. maintain silence while eating.
  23. Don t watch television or phone while eating.
  24. No physical activity should be done immediately after eating .
  25. The habit of urinating after eating food should be developed.
  26. Milk can be taken with breakfast in morning and should not be taken at night.
  27. Eating extremely hot or cold food is harmful for the digestion.
  28. Drinking butter milk at the end of a meal is useful.
  29. If after first meal the body is uncomfortable then skip the second meal.
  30. Curd is the more easily digestable than milk.

Less Food For Perfect Health:

Right from the older days saints have suggested to eat only as much as to satisfy half the appetite. Food should fill the stomach, one fourth be kept spared for water to fill and remaining one fourth for air. But very few people aware ro it.

Learn the importance of eating less or Balanced Diet and adopt it for the rest of your life. Long lived people are found to be eating less. If people realise the mystery of eating less then the problem of health as well as food of this world will be solved.

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