five elements of nature

The Panchmahabhoot : Five Elements of Nature

The Panchmahabhoot : Five Elements of Nature

Everything in universe is made up of five elements of nature EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR AND SPACE OR ETHER . We can call them  as panchmahaabhoot .  All Treatments  in naturopathy are related with these panchmahabhootas .  In the begining of creation first ether was formed by power the supreme soul or god.

All Five Elements of Nature had their Own Qualities

  • ETHER has 1 quality _ sound.
  • AIR has 2 qualities_sound and touch.
  • FIRE has 3 qualities_ sound ,touch and form.
  • WATER has 4 qualities _SOUND, TOUCH ,FORM AND RAS.
  • EARTH has 5 qualities_ SOUND ,TOUCH ,FORM ,RAS AND SMELL.
 Our body is made up of these five elements of nature and they required for its existence. Its clear our body cannot be survive just by taking food. Its also need for its existence of other four elements – ether, air, fire  and water. The body becomes ill if one or two out of five elements are not given to the body according to its requirement.
 The gross world which we see around us there is a astral world, which we do not see but without, the gross world cannot exist. Similarly, there is astral body which gives us vital force. The astral body is made up of water and earth. The gross body does not have the vital force of its own.


 The basics of NATURE CARE is RAM NAAM or supreme soul or GOD. The treatment by nature is incomplete without RAM NAAM. All the means used in nature care-ether, air, fire, water and earth had their strength  from RAM NAAAM or GOD.
Prayer is that spiritual way which can change the fate of an individual, what to say about removal of disease or is a fact. That through prayer  there can be favourable changes in things and circumstances. By remembering GOD our soul is purified, and when the soul is purified the body also becomes healthy.
To keep ourselves happy and healthy we should be in contact with all the five elements and RAM -NAAM OR GOD. We have no existence without GOD.  Often we forget  GOD or RAM NAAM and that is the cause of many of our ailments. By remembering
GOD  we get peace of mind and right direction in our life. By coming in contact with supreme soul we enhance the vital force in our body.

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