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What is Naturopathy the Healing Power of Nature?

What is Naturopathy the Healing Power of Nature?


Naturopathy is a wonderful Healing Power of Nature. Naturopathy is a system of treatment based on principals and philosophy. The central theme of all the medical Practices is human body. Naturopathy looks for the internal causes of diseases more than the external ones,Stress is on Right Diet, Right thinking and the Right conduct.

Violation of the law of nature in diet, thinking, breathing, wrong lifestyle. Sows the seeds of disease. The modern mechanical life and such other tendencies make the vital force weak. All the living beings have been gifted with the vital force(healing power of nature) to fight diseases. It is  this vital force that run our physical machinery. It is this vital force which keep us alive.

WHY Naturopathy 


Naturopathy is the science of uprooting the diseases. Diseases  are disorders of our body. Indisciplined habits spoil the harmony, ease, peace and the victim is our HEALTH. All the diseases of deficiency state are curable through healing power of naturenatural and wholesome diet and right thinking.

When our body is attacked by bacteria and virus, the organs like liver, kidney, mouth, intestines, eyes, ears, nose, skin become active on war-footing, these organs shows the symptoms of healing through fever, pain or swelling etc.

Every cell of our body produces antiviral chemicals and help in strengthening our immune power. Naturopathy help this process of nature care. NATUROPATHY  is the best medium of nature care which is healing power of nature. A healthy person needs to be thankful for the grace of almighty and should lead a right, natural and healthy life.

HOW Naturopathy Helps Us


Naturopathy is one cure for all diseases and that is detoxification of body by natural means to keep our body healthy. There is an unseen force which we call vital force.Apart from natural health and yoga there is no medical treatment which can provide complete health. Live in lap of nature, do not worry. Make best use five freely available elements of nature:-

  • AIR

Naturopathy is only answer in cases of asthma, rheumatism, paralysis, eczema, typhoid, diabetics, inflammations, of the intestines and obesity. The Healing Power of Nature  helps in throwing out the toxins and strengthen the vital force, that make the body healthy and disease free.

Naturopathy is not just a Treatment but also a way of life


Take regular enema to cleanse your intestines.antitoxic foods are the best method for throwing the toxic matter out from our system. But most of the matter remains in our stomach , enema is most Effective MUD PACKS,HIP BATHS,HOT FOOT BATH,WEY AND DRY PACKS,RUBBING THE BODY WITH WET TOWEL OR STEAM BATH ARE ALSO HELPFUL.

Naturopathy is not just a treatment but also a way of life.  When all treatments fail, there is still a possibility of cure in naturopathy. The speciality of naturopathy is that it does not suppress any  disease, on the opposite, extract it from its very root.

Naturopathy works in two ways

  • It makes the patient get rid of his ailment speedily.
  • It educates him to adopt a natural way of life to remain healthy in future.

One is completely healthy when his mind, body and soul are healthy and there is complete harmony among them. In NATURE CURE treatment attention is paid to the improvement of health of all the three. Nature cure gives more importance to mental health than to physical health andf greatest importance is given to will power or soul force.



In nature cure the meaning of health is not only body which has no illness but also the health of his mind and soul. In good health he should Feel the joy and bliss of wholesome life. There is nothing special, if a person is physically powerful. A person who develops his body as well as mind  will release real joy in life with the help of Healing Power of Nature.

Natural life in which food habits and daily routine is in harmony with NATURE uplifts us and makes our life NATURALY healthy. We should control our mind and be spiritual. If human race adopts the philosophy of NATURE CURE.

There would be no cruelty and barbarism in the world and there would be heaven on earth. For the treatment of sick body, weak soul and disturbed mind the most effective treatment is PRAYER and NATURE.


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