Why positive thinking is important?

Why positive thinking is important

In this world nothing is good or bad only our positive thinking or our negative thinking makes it so. Our perception attributes goodness or evil, negative or positive  properties to everything . We may have a positive point of view, by taking into account the good qualities  or a negative point of view , by looking only at the drawbacks.

positive mind person looks for good qualities in the other person, and a negative mind always looks for faults. An optimist goes forward  keeping in mind the past, a  pessimist  think of  the future  and reverts back to the past. Negative thoughts are our greatest enemies and a person with positive thinking always find something good in any situation.

As we  speak we think. As we think we work. As we work our habits will develop. Our habits will make our character , our character will decide our fate.

Why think positive:


  •  One experience happiness in all circumstances.
  • Positive thinking reduces Tention
  • With positive thinking better relationships are maintained.
  • No problem causes tension  because positive thoughts teach the art of finding solutions for problems.
  • It boosts up patience and self-confidence .
  • It increases the decision-making  power.
  • Positive thoughts develop such hormones which help improve the resistance power of the body.
  • How to be positive always :

  • Accept changes, the change is the rule of life.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Stop blaming others.
  • Ignore small things.
  • Remember every circumstance is an opportunity to learn something new.
  • In your daily life always use positive words, while talking to others or writing something.
  • Read good books  and meet good people from whom  you may get something to learn.
  • Do not bow your head while walking. Negative thoughts come from walking with bowed head .
  • Whatever the lord does is good, counting on this  mental attitude you can find some good in all circumstances.
  • Develop the habit of encouraging others.


Always remember you may be working in any field, the key to success is your outlook.

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