Why We Need Fasting For Perfect Health

Why We Need Fasting For Perfect Health

From ancient  times fasting for perfect health  has been given importance not only for physical health but also for mental and spiritual health. It is prime importance that during fasting one should stick firmly to the aim, faith, self- confidence and desire to get results from fasting for perfect health. A fast is not a physical process but also a mental process of a higher stratum. It is essential to follow certain physical and mental rules during the entire period.

What is fasting

Taking food everyday is mans common practice. Food helps him to sustain his life and continue doing his activities. Fasting for perfect health means total abstention from taking any kind of food. It is essential not to take solid or liquid, food, cereals, fruits  and sometimes even water during a fast.
Fasting does not mean starving. Fasting and starving are two different Conditions. It is true that in both the conditions food is not taken, however, as their causes and purposes are different, their meanings are also different.

 Need of Fasting for Perfect Health:

During illness the elimination of toxins and forien elements from the body is of utmost importance. If food is taken during illness, precious energy is used  up in digesting it. When the body needs no nourishment , when its necessary to remove toxins from body and  appetite is dormant, avoid taking food is called fasting.
Even during  a fast the body requires fuel or heat, For this purpose the body begins to burn toxic elements accumulated in it. The body needs definite food the same way it needs regular fasting at definite intervals.
Fasting for perfect health  is needed to give rest to the various process going on in the body such as digestion, blood-circulation, metabolism  and revitalises them. Balanced -diet according to the need of the body, following the rules regarding health and keeping a fast at definite intervals, helps an individual to maintain his perfect health.
Observing birds and animals around us we may perhaps think they never fall ill. but its not true. like human beings birds and animals also fall ill. when they falls ill, first of all they leaves food, observes a fast. Those who understand the method of fasting and form the habit of regularly keeping a fast not only remain ever healthy but also disallow any disease to come near them.

Reduce Weight With Fasting:

 It is a matter of regret that there is no place for  physical exertion in the present modern life, so we can say that fasting  for perfect health is important. People in this modern  life having totally unhealthy  meals and eating habits.  Now these days most of the persons suffer from obesity today.Obesity is not merely a condition of the body but a disease. With the passing time ,obesity becomes the source of serval diseases.
Many persons now being conscious of the dangers involved in obesity. So these people now desire to reduce weight of their body. If a person desire to reduce the weight faster , one may include some physical exercises along with fasting. For weight reduction fasting has no alternative. Fasting not only reduce obesity and weight of the body but it purifies the body and mental health also.

 Fasting for Perfect Health for Rejuvenation:

A significant success has been achieved in preventing aging through nature cure. Old age is the result of a gradual accumulation of waste products and poisonous substances in the body, There is no truth in the belief that it is difficult to maintain youth after the age of thirty or forty. Fasting makes all possible. There is no doubt that the body can be rejuvenated by fasting.
New and pure cells blood begins to flow in the blood- vessels immediately after fasting. Freshness and youth are reborn. Every organ of the body enjoy new strength and energy. The digestive system and the intestines get back their lost strength. There is a healthy improvement in functioning of heart and efficiency of the lungs, and other body parts.
FASTING activates the functioning  capacity of  all organs of the body so much that it lasts for a long time even after fasting has been abandoned. It is no doubt about this fact that rejuvenation is possible with fasting. After fasting one takes fruit and vegetable juices, does exercises and Yogasanas regularly, meditates and form the habit of remaining ever cheerful.

Main functions of food in body

  • To provide the body with nourishment and heat.
  • To produce new cells to take the place to the cells destroyed owing to depreciation caused by routine activities, the body store some part of food , the nutrients of which are useful in some specific conditions.
Those who understand the method of fasting and form the habit of regularly keeping a fast not only remain ever healthy but also disallow any disease to come near them. So in short we can say that we need fasting for perfect health.

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